Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Keyword Market Vectors - Blogging Markets

The law of life is that when someone is flying high, others will be crawling slow - and all fortunes can be reversed in the blink of an eye.

I've been spending allot of time lately studying the different traffic levels for the most popular product and service keywords. There are literally thousands of extremely popular markets (and keywords) making the decision which keyword market to compete for is difficult. Yes, there are fancy (and so fancy) databases available that supposedly tell you which keywords pay the most in the Adsense realm, but you really don't know until you have launched a site and tested it for real. Meaning real traffic from real people who really looking for a product or service.

What I've found interesting is watching the popular keyword searches fluctuate from month to month. For example; school supplies is a query made in massive proportion during August and September, but drops off considerably in October. I could list many many more, but you get the point. This is why diversification can be so important.

If I was to start all over with this Internet income challenge, I would have built maybe 4 big blogs (instead of 40 little sites or blogs) and I would have chosen 4 keyword markets that cover the seasonal patterns. Now I know those reading this would say the flies directly in the face of our initial tutorials on Money Traffic, but those tutorials just demonstrate a method of testing various keyword markets. Yes, you can also make some good money using the tutorial method (using Blogger accounts to create high quality blogspot blogs), but when you are really going to build a massive resource you should be using a domain name you own, and a quality web hosting server.

So I would suggest newcomers use the Money Traffic tutorials to get started with an all free option, so they can learn how to blog easily, learn how to create partnerships with other bloggers, and learn how monetize their pages. I would test a handful of keyword markets, and then find one that pays very well with Adsense, and perhaps as high converting merchant. Then once you have the winning blog established, buy your own domain name and hosting, and run a MONSTER blog on that topic. I don't suggest trying make a blog that just talks about how to blog for money though - people who visit sites like this one don't often click ads and they don't usually convert sales. I would build your monster blog around a basic product or service that normal people look for, and not around products or services that us Internet savvy types seek. (just my opinion here folks - to do well selling to people who are learning to sell, you have to have some serious clout)

Anyway, off to my other blogs. Got a ton of work to do today!!!


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