Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kubota Lawn Tractor Links

Kubota have had the compact range of equipment sewn up for years now with many a new kid on the block trying to steal a march.

There are a number of products that maybe, just maybe, are gaining traction but for me Kubota are still the number one.

I purchased the three cylinder, diesel Kubota B7001 compact second hand and I have to say, just like the ones we hired in, it does everything it says on the tin.

I have just rotovated an area of ground that has been used as a infill for a while so it had it's fair share of stone, brick, some plastic and wood yet the Kubota handled it with ease.

Not only did it rotovate in low third gear without power loss but it managed to deal with a very steep incline (as seen in the picture), although I did have to use the four wheel drive and differential lock to keep good traction.

Kubota 1100s
Kubota 4030s
Kubota 500 Rtvs
Kubota Accessories
Kubota B2320 Tractors
Kubota B2710s
Kubota B4672a Backhoes
Kubota B6000es
Kubota B7000 Tractors
Kubota B7510 Hsds
Kubota B8200s
Kubota Bh90s
Kubota Bx Cabs
Kubota Bx1800s
Kubota Bx2230 Tractors
Kubota Bx2660 Tractors
Kubota D722s
Kubota Diesel Generators
Kubota Engines
Kubota Front Ptos
Kubota G2460s
Kubota Generators
Kubota L225s
Kubota L245dt Tractors
Kubota L2850s
Kubota L3130s
Kubota L3940 Tractors
Kubota L4400s
Kubota Lawn Mowers
Kubota Light Brackets
Kubota M5700s
Kubota Mini Excavators
Kubota Radiators
Kubota Rtv Heaters
Kubota Seat Armrests
Kubota Super Udts
Kubota T1880s
Kubota Tractor Parts
Kubota M Series Tractors
Kubota V2203 Diesel Engines
Kubota Zd331s
Used Kubota Lawn Mowers
Used Kubota Tractors

Whilst the tractor unit itself is no where near new - I bought it from a local dealer but it has been imported from China - it is excellent condition and (touch wood) has several good years life left in it.

On the back I have an Agric ALJ35 98cm wide rotovator which makes easy work of the firm soil and chops it up finely.

A little note of interest if you are planning to hire in a tractor/rotovator combination to prepare a new lawn, clean up a vegetable patch or prepare some newly levelled top soil.

Use low first gear to chop up the ground. This will help to create a workable top to start with. After you have prepared the top surface, changed to third low gear. The extra speed will allow the unit to act like a leveller-grading machine.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Solar Hot Water Heater for Lake Cabin

So I was looking at setting up a solar hot water heater system for our cabin at the lake. Been researching this allot but not so sure about the intial cost of doing it.

I found this little bit of info to be an interesting quote from Wiki;

Residential solar thermal installations can be subdivided into two kinds of systems: passive (sometimes called "compact") and active (sometimes called "pumped") systems. Both typically include an auxiliary energy source (electric heating element or connection to a gas or fuel oil central heating system) that is activated when the water in the tank falls below a minimum temperature setting such as 50°C. Hence, hot water is always available.

Seems to me that you better be staying in your home a long time before it pays off.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Daughter's New Blog

I'm happy to report that my daughter is getting into the blogging game. I've encouraged all family members to start blogging for money so they can at least have a retirement income after years of blogging. It would be easy to make a couple thousand dollars a month if you blogged casually for a decade. Allot more if you really got into it.

Her blog is called Odacava, which Avacado spelled backwards.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Pop Jerry

Launch of new pop group I like ;-) - the band is called Pop Jerry and that link will get you to their site.

Only one song so far and it's called King Kong Kinda Dude (on Youtube) you can use their blog to see new tunes.

Great stuff so far...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adsense Lessons Update

So another session with Charles today. He will be
creating a keyword list for tomorrow so we can
build his first mini-site. His first mini-site is going
to be about Harley Davidson parts.

Going very smooth so far. He has all the software
installed on his machine now, so there rest is me
teaching him step by step how to use it. He should
be finished the lessons and on his own by next
week some time. The rest is up to him as far as
how much he works at it. All I can do is give him the
same methods I use and the same software I use.

He will have to be patient and understand that this is
all about collecting a whole bunch of pennies and nickels.
His income will slowly grow each month. After his first
month he should be making about 100 a month and so on.
It takes years to slowly build up the amount of pennies
you make a day until you are making 4-6 thousand a

I am teaching him how to make money without paying for
any traffic. It's a slower process but if he succeeds, his
credit rating can be totally in the crapper and it won't matter
the slightest as far as keeping his income growing.

I did the numbers on our business and we are set to earn
a net pay of 12,000 USD in April. This is after all costs have
been subtracted from earnings.

Gotta run and get some food, shower, etc.

Love Kenny

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ultap Web Log Launches

So this is the beginning of the web property I am
building for my uncle. He is just getting started online and I
am helping him get off to a good start.

It's a step by step process whereby I show him how to post
content on various products and services designed to bring
him traffic and eventually profit.

You can visit here.

Kenny Allman

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I'm Christian and I Need a Debt Consolidation Loan

Are you one of those nonpaying and non-pagan borrower's who need to get a Christian debt consolidation loan? I suppose if you have the following the faith of Christianity and been a good little soldier you would need to consolidate any kind of debt because you wouldn't have been trying to support a leverage lifestyle when he could not really afford it.

The whole concept of faith-based support from consumer do business is as old as Jesus and the disciples. This kind of obvious financial nepotism or as somewhat call it an incestuous lending practice is common with all religions and basis of faith.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

PPC Management

Ever seen people using blogs for communication like email? Weird.

First of all I like the idea of using this for a posting board when our email is on the fritz. Is there a way to make these posts private?

Quick note to us - look into outsourcing our pay per click campaign management with Bonavista Web.

See article I found today on PPC management companies Betty. Please read this through and let me know what you think of these rates.

Bonavista Web
PPC Management Services
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
PPC Management Rates in USD
403 648 3516

Mark: looks good and I signed us up for a trial period. Just called them at 403 648 3516 (Calgary) Tell you how the campaign goes in a couple of weeks OK. I'll leave a note here.