Monday, February 26, 2007

The Importance of Blog Leverage

The importance of a good blog can never under-stated in if you are in the business of making a living from Internet traffic. I suggest to all of those in that category to build a Wordpress blog and grow it up with fresh, quality content. When I say quality I mean spelling and grammer as well. It's no secret the the search engines see spelling and grammer when they spider in depth to learn about your online pages.

As you grow a quality blog, your Internet real estate becomes highly respected by the search engines and now you have some Internet leverage. Then you can introduce the web to your new sites and projects simply by creating a link from your high ranking blog to you new entity. Your "new entity" does not have to be an extremely powerful or "high quality" site to get the spider attention you desire.

This system work quite well so if you don't have Wordpress blog going yet, get going and start building one. Make the subject matter of the blog fairly general so that when you link to othere sites in the future, there will be some kind of relative subject matter. Also DON'T LINK BACK to your precious blog from your new sites. That is considered "cross linking" by some of the search engines and will get your domains banned. As long as you only link ONE-WAY to your sites and the sites are related to your blog there is no problem.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Join The Money Traffic Group

For those of you who want some questions answered on how to make money online, please join our new Money Traffic Group. The link is here:

We'll be discussing Adsense income and of course HyperVRE. I'll be answering questions as quickly as possible.


Case Study of Dennis The Newbie Affiliate

Submitted by Aaron Krall: if you would like a juicy-PR5-one-way-inbound link submit an original article by registering on Money Traffic. All articles are automatically approved and posted. If your article is offensive or spammy it will be deleted, so please make sure your article is money related and original. Thanks.

Dennis signed up for a super affiliate program and was ready to start making cash. His merchant paid out 66 dollars per commission, and calculated that with just 8 sales a week he would be making about $1,000 a month. He set up a Adwords campaign that would cost him $45 a month, wrote some articles and submitted them and waited for the money to start rolling in. Then he waited.......over a month later he ended up with three sales commissions. After adding and subtracting the numbers, he made just over 95 bucks total net profit.

This case may seem a little extreme, but it may not be as far fetched as you think. Most affiliates don't even get as far as Dennis! 99% of all affiliates barely make a living on the Internet while the other 1% are making a killing! What is the difference? Why do so many fail?

Well, what Dennis and the other 99% don't understand is that there is a lot more to affiliate success then just sending potential customers to an affiliates site. The next 6 steps will reveal some secrets of top affiliates. They are simple but their simplicity should not be overlooked. Follow them and you will succeed.

First, select an affiliate program that pays out a good commission. Anything less than $20 should not be considered. Then you should buy the product and use it. A personal, honest recommendation is very convincing and will help you in your credibility.

Make sure your affiliate program provides you with enough materials to help you succeed. Some affiliate programs will actually give you a re-brand able ebook to brand with your affiliate links that you can give away. Either way you will have to have some kind of free ebook or report to give away, so if your affiliate doesn't provide you with one you can buy one or make one yourself.

Now, you need to get an auto responder. This is how you will contact the list of people you will be creating, but don't worry I'll get to that. There are lot of auto responders out there, but is the best, hands down. I would say more than half of all Internet marketers are using Aweber. You will also need to make some follow up emails but we'll get to that in a second.

Now set up your email follow up. It should be about 6-10 emails that reminds them about the report they downloaded, and introduces them to your affiliate program. For instance, you could say something like; Hey thanks for getting Top Ten Secrets of Super Affiliates! Before you read it, go get a copy of insert affiliate here before the price goes up. It will reveal all the secrets of the world's greatest affiliates.

Your emails should be short, but effective. Oh yeah, send them another freebie that they weren't expecting. They will love that, and it will increase their confidence in you and the chance they buy from you will increase!

The last step is to advertise for your free report or ebook. Article writing is the best way to do that for now. It's free, and until you get a website it's your only choice. In your article resource box, have your reader send a blank email to your auto responder to get your free report. Submit 3-4 articles a week and before you know it you'll have a list growing. It will take a while to build your list, but it will become invaluable to you.

There you have it. Using these simple steps you can make money with any affiliate program. Now go out there and get started! Don't get discouraged if you fail, the important thing is you go out there and do it. Here's to your success!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

How Much Money Can An Adsense Niche Site Make?

When new-comers start trying to make money with Adsense niche sites they usually ask themselves one big question. HOW MUCH money do these sites make?

That depends on the category of the site, the nature of the content, the amount of content, originality of the content, and overall word count.

1) If the site is all about Insurance it will make more per click than a site all about tiddly winks.

2) If the content is completely original it will get more traffic and of course make more money.

3) If the site has more content it will usually make more money, as long as the article pages are not in a highly-competitive area.

4) If your site has a high overall word count then it will beat out more competition. The search alogs count how many different words are used throughout your site. This IS very important so try to use allot of different words through out your site.

Linking of course goes without saying......get lots of on-topic links inbound.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

YPN or Adsense

It's a question that comes up often for online marketers. Should I use YPN or Adsense for textual advertising?

There's advantages and disadvantages depending on what your website subject and category is. If you have web content that's related to products and services that are extremely competitive, you will likely be fine using YPN. You may even make more money with YPN.

But; if your web site or blog content is related to an extremely uncommon subject, product, or service, you will have trouble making as much money with YPN as you made (or make) with Adsense clicks. The reason is that the YPN network doesn't have as many advertisers yet and there is'nt enough ads to display on "niche sites". I thihk this will change in time, but for now that's the jist of it. Extreme niche sites displaying YPN ads will have low click through percentages and low earnings overall.

My approach is to stay loyal to the companies that have been consistent paying their commission on time. Some Internet marketers turn to YPN if they've lost their Adsense account for some reason or other.

One BIG con to YPN is if you're a web publisher that lives outside the United States. You have to some how get a U.S. tax identification in order to be paid. I'm hopeful that the Yahoo! Publishing Network (YPN) will soon allow international publishers to take part in their advertising model.