Tuesday, February 06, 2007

YPN or Adsense

It's a question that comes up often for online marketers. Should I use YPN or Adsense for textual advertising?

There's advantages and disadvantages depending on what your website subject and category is. If you have web content that's related to products and services that are extremely competitive, you will likely be fine using YPN. You may even make more money with YPN.

But; if your web site or blog content is related to an extremely uncommon subject, product, or service, you will have trouble making as much money with YPN as you made (or make) with Adsense clicks. The reason is that the YPN network doesn't have as many advertisers yet and there is'nt enough ads to display on "niche sites". I thihk this will change in time, but for now that's the jist of it. Extreme niche sites displaying YPN ads will have low click through percentages and low earnings overall.

My approach is to stay loyal to the companies that have been consistent paying their commission on time. Some Internet marketers turn to YPN if they've lost their Adsense account for some reason or other.

One BIG con to YPN is if you're a web publisher that lives outside the United States. You have to some how get a U.S. tax identification in order to be paid. I'm hopeful that the Yahoo! Publishing Network (YPN) will soon allow international publishers to take part in their advertising model.


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