Sunday, June 25, 2006

Defining Quality Content

I was reading a semi-interesting article on content and how to define quality content. Since I have mentioned quality content so many times on this blog, I would like to share this little read with you.

See Aaron Wall's article on quality content to get his take on it. Here is his summary on quality content:

Aaron Walls Quality Content Summary

Each page you write is one more you need to maintain.
Large sitescan be a burden to keep current.
Speaking too much is just as bad as not giving enough info.
You can type until your neighbors fingertips are blue and bloody and it will not matter until people syndicate your ideas.
People will not usually want to syndicate your content until you establish a reputation.
It is far easier to syndicate ideas than content.
The quality which makes quality content valuable is syndication.

No that you've read it, I want to say that I disagree. Quality content is content that PEOPLE value on their quest to find information. Whether the search engines like it, or a web site owner likes it enough to link to it, it not my definition of quality.

In short, and in my opinion, quality content is defined by the readers ability to gain the knowledge they need to solve a problem for them. Whether their problem is solved by purchasing Wrinkle Cream, or their problem is solved by finding the Weather forcast, or currency exchange. As Google's webmaster guidelines states......write pages that help visitors.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Great Niche Research Tool

Here is another great niche blog research tool. This was pointed by one of our keen contributers. It's called "Good Keywords". Good keywords is a free download and you can get it here.

I would use this tool during Step 1 of the free tutorial. We want very little competing pages in the search engines, and high traffic volume per month. Had quite a few emails from folks still thinking there is more to this. The answer

Write quality content and you will win. Period. Take a good look in Yahoo and MSN and search a variety of keywords - you will see blogspot blogs ranking everywhere. It's a powerful method of getting traffic.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tracking Your Visitors

Had a good question on one of the posts regarding tracking. I use Statcounter. It's free and you can track unlimited projects. Just register, setup your first project, and create the code you need to put on your blog.

When you create the code for your blog, make sure to use the "invisible" tracker. Copy/paste the code for your project (blog) into the bottom of your sidebar. No-one sees it and you have details regarding how many unique visits, how many page impressions of your blog, what the originating IPs are, what town or city the visitor is in (even shows a world map and dot where the visitor is), how long they were on your blog, what pages they visited, what page or search engine they came from, and what kind of browser the visitor was using. Not bad for free right.

I would read Terry's post on tracking. He explains why he was losing alot of money because he failed to track one of his high traffic web sites. You can read it here.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Adsense Earning Page Removed

One of our contributors has requested that all his Adsense report pictures be removed from the Money Traffic blog. He believes that the Google TOS (terms of service) will soon change, and that displaying screen shots such as these will not be allowed.

I also favor removing all Adsense earnings pages because so many visitors dwell way too much on what others are earning, instead of getting down to work. I know that many beginners simply feel a sense of frustration when seeing sizable earnings made by other publishers.


Monday, June 19, 2006

No Tricks Missing...

I just want to point out that there are no tricks missing with the methodology used in my Blogger & Adsense tutorial. Usually people who claim to earn great profits from Adsense leave out some important details when they impress upon you the merits of their system. I don't do that. The steps outlined in my Blogger & Adsense tutorial are exactly the same ones I use - nothing fancy and nothing left out.

I've seen so-called gurus create a foaming-at-the-mouth effect when they tell their audience that they made massive profits with their so-called "side business". What they usally leave out is that their 500 web sites had been optimized for years before ever employing Adsense as a money earning model. What they usually leave out is how they are getting their traffic.

What my tutorial attempts to do is teach people how to get traffic using an easy and free blogging platform such as Blogger. The idea is that beginners can use their Blogger accounts, and my free tutorial, to begin their traffic flow.

Every niche blog is another trickle of income, and over time you can create many trickles. Remember that your free niche blog only needs to make one dollar a day to create an income of 30 dollars a month. Some blogs will make more of course, so you can begin to do the math. If you only make 5 blogs, you will never make a full time living. If you want to make a full time living at this, you need to get cracking and get blogging.

Terry Zulit Blog

Good article over at Terry's new blog. As usual he has some interesting info all about our wonderful world of online income. Today he wrote a blurb about old throw away web sites that was interesting. The article is titled, Web Site Analytics (a must) Terry's stuff is always good, so I recommend checking out his blog once and awhile. I actually subscribe to all Terry's blogs due to his fresh look at what is affecting the future of online income, including blogs, sites, affiliate programs etc.

One of the contibuters to this blog turned me on to all the Zulit stuff a long time ago. There is another interesting article on the same blog regarding Google Adsense blindness. All good reads.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Start Off Slow & Sure

One of things I would like to stress when building niche blogs, is starting out slow. Make sure you take the time to create great content, find good niche markets, and of course use smart research strategies before you even start.

The urge to jump ahead is understandable when first starting out. The desire to finally make some money online is overwhelming for some beginners, but I would urge you to start with qulaity and not quantity. Why not write 10 highly informative pieces of content (posts) for your first Blogger/Adsense blog, and feel the satisfaction of releasing a serious blog. The pay off down the road will make it all worth it.

The other thing to keep in mind is patience. Your blogs will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months before they see any traffic, so don't get frustrated. Just finish one blog and move on. Don't create one, then cross your arms and wait impatiently. Keep going. I assure you that this model works if you give it time.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

Today I want to open up this frequently asked questions page, so that I can answer any questions you may have regarding Blogger and Adsense income. I'm sure that for beginners to the world of online income, there are many questions they would like answered. (I know I did) I'm not a self professed guru of any sort, but I do know what I'm talking about when it comes to Blogger and Adsense revenue.

So if you have questions about a market you are not sure about, questions about Blogger as a niche blogging platform, questions about Adsense, or questions about online income in general, don't be shy. Use the comment link below to ask any questions you may have, and you will see a friendly and understanding response within 24 hours (usually sooner)

Have super day niche blogging!


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Money Traffic Tutorial

These are the seven main steps in my free Blogger/Adsense tutorial:

Step 1 ---->

Step 2 ---->

Step 3 ---->

Step 4 ---->

Step 5 ---->

Step 6 ---->

Step 7 ---->

Finishing Comment

I hope you read these closely and take action. This process is exactly the one I use for creating my blogs. I suggest you subscribe to Money Traffic to keep up with all updates, tips, and helpful information. This is what I do for a living, so I can keep you current. If my information helps you in any way, please consider a small donation.

Courtesy Donation Page

Welcome to my donation page. I keep the advertising banners and text ads down to a dull roar on this blog. My intention is to help you gain financial freedom, and I work hard to provide you with accurate information. My hope is that you will use this blog (and my knowledge) to grow a substantial online income for yourself and not have to spend thousands of dollars on software and ebooks.

If you have gained any practical insight from this blog, and have used my techniques to start your own blogging empire, please consider a small donation. Any donation, no matter how small, is appreciated. All major credit cards are excepted. The donation button is just to the right of this post.


-Kenny Allman

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Setting Adsense/Blogger Goals

I'm getting emails from people wondering how many blogs I have running in Blogger accounts, so I thought I would make a post on that. I have over 600 niche blogs in total. All of them are in Blogger accounts. It was a ton of work, but it's worth it to me. I hired some writers to help make posts along the way, so it was required.

What I want to enunciate in this post is goal setting. I never imagined I would ever have over 600 niche blogs. I started off with the goal of having 50 niche blogs. When I reached that goal, I worked towards 100. By the time I had 100 niche blogs, the first 50 were beginning to get traffic from the search engines. By the time I had 150 niche blogs, my first 50 were getting good traffic, and the second set of 50 were trickling in traffic. All niche blogs had Adsense on them of course.

Try to set your goals in a reasonable fashion. A commonsensical approach is what you need to have. A greedy attitude will get you nowhere fast. If your only goal is to make money, you won't make it. You need to enjoy creating your first couple of niche blogs with passion. Get excited thinking about how you are going to layout your blog. Get excited when you are researching your niche - and then write the best darn content you can muster up.

You need to be focused on is writing quality content on your chosen niche blogs, and quit spending all your time worrying about all the people making more money than you online. Just get started and stick to it. I see streams of people everyday, drooling over other people's commission reports, and then being disenchanted when the spider hasher, "get rich quick script" fails to bring in the promised 3 million bucks a month.

Take my advice and you will succeed with hard work and a love for writing. All those scripts, quicky sites, content robbers, all fail in time. Usually sooner than later. Once more, they usually cost money in the form of some cheesy ebook. What I'm trying to tell you is WRITE. The essence of all internet traffic is the written word. If you learn to write fresh, quality content, you can't lose.

I like to call it FQC (Fresh Quality Content) If you focus on FQC, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. So start now, and build a free niche blog, using your Blogger account. It's all free there to be used. Word of warning; don't try copying and pasting content and articles from other web sites or blogs, because the search engines see through that now, and you will likely get your blogs shutdown. Don't make splogs. Make blogs.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Optimizing Your Adsense Blog Content

I believe one of the reasons my niche Adsense blogs receive solid traffic is due to word variety and keyword variety. We have all heard that we need keyword rich pages if we want get some traffic, but I personally believe you need "word variety" as well.

Keyword Variety
Keyword variety is critical of course, and this is how I attain it on all my blog pages. Whenever I write another post on a niche blog, I take a close look at 5-8 other sites, and look at all the keywords they are using. I simply do a search in Google for the product or topic. I look at winning sites from the first two pages of results. I take note of all the different words, terms, and phrases they are using when talking about the product or topic. Then I write my post using as many of those keywords as possible. That covers the need for keyword rich content, or as I call it, "Keyword Variety"

Word Variety
Word Variety (as I have coined the phrase) is something different all together. This was just a hunch I had a year ago, but now that I've tested this hunch, I believe it to be true. All the niche blogs I tested this with have gained more traffic, so I recommend you try this. It's easy to do.

While you are writing your keyword rich content, and keyword varied content, keep an online thesaurus handy open in a separate browser. Try to use adjectives and nouns that are not the norm with all your competitor sites. For example: instead of writing - "This diamond ring has a brilliant look....." - replace the word "brilliant" with "scintillating", and replace the word "look" with "sheen"

What this does is separate your content from all the other web pages using all the same words to describe products and topics.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Sacred Q's For Adsense Income

One of the questions I'm often asked is, "is how can you possibly make so much money from just using a Blogger account and Adsense." Well the answer is quality and quantity.

By keeping my focus on creating quality content (meaning helpful and accurate content) for my visitors, I attract on-topic Google ads to my blog pages, and my visitors are extremely targeted. Also, with extremely targeted and hungry consumers visiting my blogs, they are more inclined to click on a relevant Google ad.

By sticking to a schedule, I create a ridiculous number of Blogger blogs. These blogs may only have 6-10 pages of content, so I can create hundreds, and some day thousands. Since my content is fresh, original, and on-topic (as mentioned above), the traffic to my blogs is huge. Each blog trickles in money everyday, and some niche blogs pour in money. The overall total of income created each day ads up to serious income. My sites are not using robbed content, my posts are helpful to visitors and shoppers, so my sites are not at risk for being removed from the search engine indexes. I don't stray off to gimmicky offers that claim to make me a millionaire over night using Adsense. I don't bother with phoney baloney scripts that create Adsense sites in the hundreds with just one click. I don't use "Adsense Ready" sites because the code behind those sites is recognized for what it is. People just starting out on the internet often think that online income is easy income. Far from the truth. If you really want to succeed online, then listen to my good advice, and learn to write your own, original content.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Optimizing Your Adsense Blog For Search

Today I just want to mention a quick tip for niche blogging. What I have found through testing is that most of these niche blogs will do quite well in MSN and Yahoo! search. Not as well in Google as there is usually many more competing pages. My tests have shown that having all your posts on the main is not as effective as having only 2-3 medium sized posts.

To set the main page of your niche blog for Yahoo! and MSN traffic, I recommend changing your blog's setting for 2-3 posts and leave all other posts as "recent posts" in your sidebar, and of course archives.

To do this;

Select your blog's "Settings" tab.
Select the "Formatting" tab.
In the "Show" category select the drop down choice to "Posts"
Select the number to 2 or 3, depending on the size of your posts.

What this does is ensure you don't load up to much content on the home page of your blog, making it come across similar to a static site, with a menu of links to more information on the niche topic. This works well for your MSN and Yahoo! search engine rankings.

If you plan to have only a few niche blogs, then you likely have time to add many posts over time, in which case you could see great results in Google searches as well. I would suggest just having 2-3 posts on the main page and at least 5 posts in the recent posts area, and let it sit for awhile.

Important Tip:

Make sure the 2-3 posts that reside on the main page (most recent of course) are filled with content and information regarding the main keyword of your niche - this way the search engines (and people) will find your niche blog to be worthy of traffic.

I hope you apply these tips and all the best.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogger Adsense Guide Finished

Had some emails recently regarding the Blogger Adsense guide I've been building. It's nothing mind-blowing, but the process works for creating Adsense cash flow. You'll notice a great deal of emphasis on quality content. You can buy similar guides such as Blogging To The Bank, but this one is free.

This was meant to guide people who are starting out and don't want to pay for hosting, etc. What I like about this series, is that it enables technically illiterate folks to create a solid online cash flow without spending a CENT!

If you have any questions, just use the comment links, and I will answer them.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging to the bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

All the best,


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Blogger & Adsense - Step 7

So now you should have your new blog on it's way. Hopefully you have 5-10 quality posts on your niche blog, and you have your Adsense ad(s) down the sidebar. Hopefully you have played with the blogger template choices, as well as your Adsense code color choices, so your layout is pleasing to your visitors.

Speaking of visitors, we need to submit your blog to the main search engines. I only worry about the "big three". Google, MSN, and Yahoo!. The rest seem to take care of themselves. Don't worry about Google because you have a Blogger account, and they know where you live. ;-) It's a good idea to submit your blog to MSN and Yahoo!, and I want to show you how I do that.

Go to MSN search and type in "MSN Submit Site" and their submission page should be the top result. Usually the URL of their submission page ends with .aspx. The reason I do a search for the MSN submit page is because they change the address periodically. Once your reach their submission page, simply copy/paste your blog's URL address into the field and click submit. That's it. One last thing though. Don't re-submit! If you are not sure whether or not you submitted one of your blogs, wait at least three weeks before submitting again. You don't want to be seen as a spammer.

Yahoo is a little different for submitting your blog. Go to Yahoo! search and search a keyword that is exactly the same keyword you built your blog around. My example site was Diabetic Socks, so I would type that in the Yahoo! search field, and click "Yahoo! Search"

When the results of your search are displayed, scroll down to the very bottom right hand side of the results page. You are looking for the "Submit Your Site" link. It's very small, and very humble, but very important :-) You will likely be asked to sign in under a Yahoo! username, which you need to submit your site. If you don't have a Yahoo! account, sign up here. The page will dulled until you scroll down and select your country. Sign up, and then go back try this process again.

Once you are back at the free site submission page in Yahoo!, you will see two fields - one for your blog's address URL, and one for your blog's feed url. Submit your blog's address first, then click back and submit your blog's feed URL address.

For all blogspot blogs, the feed address ends with /atom.xml: example =

Ok, that is it for this 7 step process for creating a niche blog with your Blogger account. Make sure your content is helpful to your visitors, ad links to other quality sites to enhance their visiting experience, tweak your template and posts with pictures (royalty free pictures) . As a rule of thumb, you want at least 7-10 good posts and you can let it go for quite awhile.

I will be following up this 7 step series with other tweaks and ad-ons that I do for my Blogger account blogs, such as tracking. Good luck, and have fun creating a useful resource for your visitors. If you stick with quality content, you really cannot lose. There is some work to this, but I would rather be doing this than digging ditches.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging To The Bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blogger & Adsense - Step 6

Ok, it's time to add your Adsense code to your blogger template. I would recommend you directly customize your template instead of using the blogger provided "1 click" method. Once you learn to do this you can have much better control of your blog's feel and look.

Use the setup tab in your Adsense account to create a channel for your blog, then create a Wide Skycraper ad using the Adsense interface. Copy the code (they make it very easy to do), then save it in a text file on your desktop.

Now access your blogger account and click the "change settings" icon. Once in, click the "Template" tab. Now scroll down the template code area until you see a bit of code that says this: Now paste your Adsense code as shown in the picture above. (you'll have to click the picture to see it clearly).

Once you have the Adsense code pasted in as above, click the "Save Template Changes" button.
If your blog is all messed up, go back into the template and remove your code. Make sure your Adsense code matches your blog's colors, make sure you try other ad types, until you have a color scheme and ad type that fit's your chosen template.

You'll see in my example blog, how I changed the template to one that has a white background in the sidebar area, and also you will notice the ads are on-topic.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging To The Bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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Blogger & Adsense - Step 5

Sorry for the delay. Google's blogger server has been going through some growing pains this week. Anyways, we left off with some fresh, original, and unique content written on our sample blog. (see posts below) I wanted you to first post your written content on your niche blog, and for good reason. We want the content of the blog to be well established before you apply for an Adsense account, or put Adsense code in your template.

The next paragraph is only for people who do not already have a Google Adsense account.

If you do not already have an Adsense account you can click here to apply. Follow the instructions and setup your account. When you are done, Google will assess your application and you will be approved in a couple of business days. You will need the URL of your new blog when applying.

Next installment we'll add your Adsense code to your blog template.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging To The Bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blogger & Adsense - Step 4

We left off last installment with a newly created blog @ You'll notice when you go to this blog, there is now some content displayed on the main page. What I did was simply search with Google and find three good resources that were on-topic, and read up on the subject. After I had read and understood the material, I wrote in my own words a brief summary regarding the product. Do not just copy/paste material from another web site, no matter how tempted you are to do it. That is called theft and will not do you any good either. You may lose your Blogger account, get a nasty letter from a lawyer, and for certain the search engines will notice this eventually and drop your blog from their indexes.

You will also notice that I created a link in the text that takes visitors to a web site that sells the product. I do this so that my blog is actually helping visitors find what they are looking for. Many Adsense experts may say that I should not do that, as I would lose clicking traffic away from my blog and not to the Adsense ads. I don't agree. I think it's only right that my blogs help real people find what they need. I will still get random clicks from shoppers legitimately looking for the product. I'm happy, Google is happy, the Adwords advertiser is happy, and the customer is happy. This is the way Google's Adsense and Adwords systems are supposed to work.

So what ever niche topic you have decided to create your blog on, be sure to follow the above method of using fresh, real, and original content.

I know you are anxious to display your Google Ads on your site, but wait until the next installment where I show you how to apply and be excepted for the Adsense program. It's important to post some quality content first, before applying Adsense to the blog. I'll explain this later.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging to the bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Blogger & Adsense - Step 3

Welcome back. I'm going assume throughout this series, that you have never built a blog or web site. I'm going to assume you know how to type a few words, use a mouse, and use your email.

In this step I want you to create your first blog on the blogspot (or blogger) server. So go to the Blogger start page by clicking here. Once you are on the Blogger start page, look for big orange arrow that goes from left to right. Click the orange arrow to create your new account. You'll need to create a username, password, enter your valid email, and check the box after reading the terms and conditions. Once you have done that click the little orange arrow at the bottom of the page that reads, "Continue".

On the next page you will have to create your blog name and blog address. Make sure the blog name and address incorporate the keyword (s) you are attempting to attract from searchers and surfers. Once you have successfully created a Blog name and address (that is not already being used by anyone already) click continue.

The next page you will be able to choose your starting blog template. Blogger give you a handful to choose from at this stage, but you can see other templates after your blog is up and running. For now, just pick one that is clean, with a white background. You can click here to see the Blogger template I always choose at this stage.

In our example we are using the Blog name Diabetic Socks, so after creating my blog, my blogspot address was

In my next installment I will show you how to create some quality content on our subject. I will use the internet to give myself a quick education, and then write some QUALITY content, to be used as posts.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging to the bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blogger & Adsense - Step 2

Now that we have established that the primary keyword (in this example "socks") has too many competing pages in the the big three search engines, what we do is look down the Overture and Wordtracker list for alternative keywords that do not have such massive competition.

Any keyword that is showing 50 or more searches a day, is worthy of a small niche blog. You can create a blogspot blog that has 5-10 posts ALL about the keyword, and you will see a trickle of traffic everyday. (after the search engines have spidered it) But there is one last bit of research you need to do to ensure this.

What you do it test different keywords in the list by searching them on Google, MSN, and Yahoo, and taking notice of how many competing pages there. For example, on my first I test I searched the keyword "diabetic socks" and found the following results:

Results 1 - 10 of about 723,000 for diabetic socks

1 - 10 of about 613,000 for diabetic socks

Page 1 of 296,040 results containing diabetic socks

So as you can see much less competition for this keyword. So what I do is keep testing and testing until I find VERY low competition for a keyword and yet at least 50 searches a day for it. Make sure to use the plural form of the keyword when possible, as that will give you a more accurate read on the competition.

On the next installment we build a blog with a blogger account, ALL about our chosen keyword, Diabetic Socks. In future installments we will write fresh, original content ALL about our niche keyword, and make 5 posts on the subject. We will NOT copy content from somewhere on the internet, as that won't work. We will write content that actually helps visitors on their quest for the product. We will customize your blogger template and we will get you signed up with so you can place ads down the sidebar of your blog.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging To The Bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blogger & Adsense - Step 1

As promised I now begin my series on how to use a free blogspot account to make steady income from .

Step 1

Go to Digital Point and access the free webmaster tools page. There is a link at the bottom right of this blog called "webmaster tools", so click there. (or just click here)

Once you are on the Digital Point tools page, select keyword suggestion tool. When it loads up enter a primary keyword in the "phrase" field. For my example I will use the word "socks". You will have to enter a alpha numeric bit of code that is displayed for your results to be displayed.

When you have your results you should see two columns. One for Overture results and one for Wordtracker results. These numbers show approximetly how many times a day people search online for a particular keyword. Notice the top primary keyword "socks" has the most searched for word, which makes good sense.

Now type the word "socks" into the MSN search bar and notice the results. Now look for the orange words at the top of the page;

Web Results
Page 1 of 20,607,987 results containing socks (0.01 seconds)

Notice the results are over 20 million pages containing the word socks in the MSN directory.

Now type the word "socks" into the Yahoo! search bar and notice the results. Now look for Yahoo's search results in the top right of the page;

1 - 10 of about 32,000,000 for socks - 0.10 sec.

Now type the word "socks" into the Google search bar and notice the results. Now look for Google's search results in the top right of the page;

Results 1 - 10 of about 63,800,000 for socks [definition]. (0.11 seconds)

This tells me that trying to compete for just the word "socks" is a bad idea. There are way too many competing pages in the big three search engines. So what do you do?

I explain exactly what to do in the next installment of this series. When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging to the bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Blogspot Blogs Make Money

The question has been asked many time on the internet. Can a blogger account actually make an income? I believe you can make a great profit using your account. I've seen many blogspot blogs appear on Msn, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Ask, etc. etc., when performing searches.

However, depending on the keywords you are trying to get ranked for, you will need more or less content. I have a certain process I use when I create a new blog on my blogger account. I will be outlining my whole strategy each day for the next week or so.

Tomorrow I will explain how I use MSN, Yahoo, and Google to decide which blog subject to use.

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Objective #1

The first objective I believe we need is fresh, real, helpful, and original content. I've been watching all my other web sites and blogs for over 2 years now, and I realize what really matters on the internet.

What matters most is content that is not found anywhere else on the internet. It seems there more and more cheesy software programs entering the market that scrape and rob content from other web sites. This is not only wrong, it won't work. You may see some results in the short term and for very little, but it the end it won't work.

I suggest webmasters taking a typing course so they can learn to type very quickly. Next step create a blog , or static web site, you are very passionate about. Now start writing, writing and keep going untill it is a daily part of your life. You can have mulitple blogs or web sites and still manage to keep fresh content on all of them.

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The Initial Project

My name is I want to say that I am not an expert (yet) in the art of blogging and not expert in the art of online income. I have over 60 static web sites that make the bulk of my income, and this affords me the ability to work full time at home. This is not a big deal anymore though folks. Thousands and thousands of webmasters and bloggers make their living online now.

This blog is one of a string of blogs that I've made using Wordpress, and the free Blogspot service. I make next to nothing at the moment using blogs, but we'll see as time goes on. I will not be linking to my other sites that make my full time income, nor will I even discuss their existence. This blog is all about blogging for traffic and and making money from that traffic. I've chosen to use a free blogspot blog for my grand experiment.

I've heard may different opinions regarding the merits of hosting your blog on a paid for domain and hosting account, or using a free service like this one. I have privately owned blogs on dedicated domains as well, but this blog is my passion place where I can discuss internet income. I'll be posting all methods of making money, including screenshots of income as well.

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