Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tracking Your Visitors

Had a good question on one of the posts regarding tracking. I use Statcounter. It's free and you can track unlimited projects. Just register, setup your first project, and create the code you need to put on your blog.

When you create the code for your blog, make sure to use the "invisible" tracker. Copy/paste the code for your project (blog) into the bottom of your sidebar. No-one sees it and you have details regarding how many unique visits, how many page impressions of your blog, what the originating IPs are, what town or city the visitor is in (even shows a world map and dot where the visitor is), how long they were on your blog, what pages they visited, what page or search engine they came from, and what kind of browser the visitor was using. Not bad for free right.

I would read Terry's post on tracking. He explains why he was losing alot of money because he failed to track one of his high traffic web sites. You can read it here.



Anonymous said...

what happened to brent and the work at home on your computer site/forum? and who the heck is kenny?

Kenny said...

This pretty well sums it up: