Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blogger & Adsense - Step 2

Now that we have established that the primary keyword (in this example "socks") has too many competing pages in the the big three search engines, what we do is look down the Overture and Wordtracker list for alternative keywords that do not have such massive competition.

Any keyword that is showing 50 or more searches a day, is worthy of a small niche blog. You can create a blogspot blog that has 5-10 posts ALL about the keyword, and you will see a trickle of traffic everyday. (after the search engines have spidered it) But there is one last bit of research you need to do to ensure this.

What you do it test different keywords in the list by searching them on Google, MSN, and Yahoo, and taking notice of how many competing pages there. For example, on my first I test I searched the keyword "diabetic socks" and found the following results:

Results 1 - 10 of about 723,000 for diabetic socks

1 - 10 of about 613,000 for diabetic socks

Page 1 of 296,040 results containing diabetic socks

So as you can see much less competition for this keyword. So what I do is keep testing and testing until I find VERY low competition for a keyword and yet at least 50 searches a day for it. Make sure to use the plural form of the keyword when possible, as that will give you a more accurate read on the competition.

On the next installment we build a blog with a blogger account, ALL about our chosen keyword, Diabetic Socks. In future installments we will write fresh, original content ALL about our niche keyword, and make 5 posts on the subject. We will NOT copy content from somewhere on the internet, as that won't work. We will write content that actually helps visitors on their quest for the product. We will customize your blogger template and we will get you signed up with so you can place ads down the sidebar of your blog.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging To The Bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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