Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Great Niche Research Tool

Here is another great niche blog research tool. This was pointed by one of our keen contributers. It's called "Good Keywords". Good keywords is a free download and you can get it here.

I would use this tool during Step 1 of the free tutorial. We want very little competing pages in the search engines, and high traffic volume per month. Had quite a few emails from folks still thinking there is more to this. The answer

Write quality content and you will win. Period. Take a good look in Yahoo and MSN and search a variety of keywords - you will see blogspot blogs ranking everywhere. It's a powerful method of getting traffic.


JackHammer said...

After you find a keyword you are interested in, right-click on that word. Under 'search selected keyword' choose MSN. The MSN results (competing pages) are the only numbers I look at when I am considering doing a blog. Yahoo and Google results don't matter to me because:

1. I'll probably never get a good rank on either of those sites.
2. MSN is the first of the 3 that will rank you.
3. ALL of the money I have made so far, I have made from MSN referring searchers to my sites.
4. If you can get a good page rank with MSN, eventually...the other sites will follow.

That is just my opinion.

Kenny said...

You mean the other search engines right?

Yes...MSN usually always ranks these blogs well. Sometimes Yahoo is quicker. It all depends on the competing pages. MSN and Yahoo are always different depending on the keywords used.


Anonymous said...

are you getting any inbound links after you have created the blog?

secondly.. how comes when i pick minima it doesnt hyperlink the title of each post like it does on wordpress? so each post doesnt have its own post you can view it on .. you can only view it on the main homepage?

thirdly, do you create a blog and post about 6 pages and then leave it and only do 1 post a month?

4th.. arent you worried that google owns these blogs.. i would have thought it would be better to host them yourself and use wordpress?

Anonymous said...

can you show us another blog other than that diabetes one.. as im mean come on that only has 2 posts on it.. lets see another one.. that is being updated freqently.. i think your holding your cards and not telling us everything

thecraftman said...

Do you look for keyword with quotes using MSN?

Example: Do you thing that climbing plants is a good keyword?