Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blogger & Adsense - Step 6

Ok, it's time to add your Adsense code to your blogger template. I would recommend you directly customize your template instead of using the blogger provided "1 click" method. Once you learn to do this you can have much better control of your blog's feel and look.

Use the setup tab in your Adsense account to create a channel for your blog, then create a Wide Skycraper ad using the Adsense interface. Copy the code (they make it very easy to do), then save it in a text file on your desktop.

Now access your blogger account and click the "change settings" icon. Once in, click the "Template" tab. Now scroll down the template code area until you see a bit of code that says this: Now paste your Adsense code as shown in the picture above. (you'll have to click the picture to see it clearly).

Once you have the Adsense code pasted in as above, click the "Save Template Changes" button.
If your blog is all messed up, go back into the template and remove your code. Make sure your Adsense code matches your blog's colors, make sure you try other ad types, until you have a color scheme and ad type that fit's your chosen template.

You'll see in my example blog, how I changed the template to one that has a white background in the sidebar area, and also you will notice the ads are on-topic.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging To The Bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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