Monday, June 19, 2006

No Tricks Missing...

I just want to point out that there are no tricks missing with the methodology used in my Blogger & Adsense tutorial. Usually people who claim to earn great profits from Adsense leave out some important details when they impress upon you the merits of their system. I don't do that. The steps outlined in my Blogger & Adsense tutorial are exactly the same ones I use - nothing fancy and nothing left out.

I've seen so-called gurus create a foaming-at-the-mouth effect when they tell their audience that they made massive profits with their so-called "side business". What they usally leave out is that their 500 web sites had been optimized for years before ever employing Adsense as a money earning model. What they usually leave out is how they are getting their traffic.

What my tutorial attempts to do is teach people how to get traffic using an easy and free blogging platform such as Blogger. The idea is that beginners can use their Blogger accounts, and my free tutorial, to begin their traffic flow.

Every niche blog is another trickle of income, and over time you can create many trickles. Remember that your free niche blog only needs to make one dollar a day to create an income of 30 dollars a month. Some blogs will make more of course, so you can begin to do the math. If you only make 5 blogs, you will never make a full time living. If you want to make a full time living at this, you need to get cracking and get blogging.


mdlpub said...

Hi Kenny,

One question I did have (and I'm honestly not trying to bust your chops - just trying to get clarification) is the seemingly contradictory statements you made between your very first post:

"I have over 60 static web sites that make the bulk of my income...I make next to nothing at the moment using blogs, but we'll see as time goes on."

....and a post you made last week:

"I have over 600 niche blogs in total. By the time I had 150 niche blogs, my first 50 were getting good traffic, and the second set of 50 were trickling in traffic. All niche blogs had Adsense on them of course."

I'm 99.9% sure that 'Kenny' is a pseudonym (and I don't blame you either...I've done it myself on certain projects) so I'm wondering if two different people may have initally wrote the first few entries in the blog?

Again, I'm not trying to cause any problems here - just hoping you can clarify things.

Thanks a bunch!

Kenny said...

Yes.....this is project with a goal to help people make some extra money, by creating quality resources for Internet shoppers. We have 3 contributers. One uses static web sites, I use Blogs, and the other is a beginner who is building up quality blogs now.

The contributor that commented on the static sites is new to blogger. You may have known him from his WAHOYC site. He is involved with various blog platforms such as Wordpress and Movable Type.

We all post regarding the Blogger & Adsense model. Yes, Kenny Allman is most certainly a pseudonym for all contributers. We are taking more contibuters in the future.

mdlpub said...

Thanks a bunch! I thought so, but wanted to be sure. :)

I'm more then happy to delete my posts here after you see this one, because as I said, I'm not here to cause a problem - just wanted to make sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Hope you understand. :)

I also do this full-time, and I have since December 2004. I started in internet marketing way back in late 1999. After getting off to a good start with SBI and affiliate programs, I got lured in by the dark side. ;) I started building auto generated sites, which of course, did well for a time, but have now fallen by the wayside.

I also run a PLR article site that has been struggling recently.

So I've decided to rebuild my empire from a much stronger foundation this time, and I've been searching around for the right model to use.

I love the Blogger model becuase it's unusual, and I don't want to follow the same path that the masses are taking. I do worry a bit about having so many sites dependent upon Google's servers, but I'll get over that. :)

If you would be interested in having someone like me as a contributor in the future, let me know. I'd be happy to take a crack at this, and report my progress over time, or whatever else might be needed or useful. I've just added my email address and some additional info to this profile.

Thanks again, and if you would like me to delete this string up posts, just let me know.

Thanks again,

Kenny said...

Mike - no need to delete anything. It's good to have those questions answered.

I'll email you about contributing
Mike. We get alot of traffic on this site at about 500 a day already, so it would be worthy of
the odd post for you.


mdlpub said...


Just happy to help and contribute if I can. Also thought since you have someone onboard who is a beginner, it might be good to have the opposite perspective too.

No worries about "worthiness". At this point, I'm just like anyone else building from scratch. In fact, my knowledge will probably be a hinderance, because I'm likely to keep making things more complicated then they really are. ;)

For example, I'll probably miss out on some good niches, because I'll end up wandering over to Wordtracker and start looking at KEI numbers and competition, instead of simply using the DP tool as you've said.

Must... resist... urge... to... make... things... harder. ;)

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

interesting thing is he has edited it since then.. and taking out the i make next to nothing at the moment using blogs LOL... this whole site is bullshit man!

Kenny said...

Sorry you feel that way. Since you are not paying anyone here for the free tips and info, then you have no reason to feel ripped off.

Anyway....the more people that feel that way.....means more opportunity for the folks that enjoy making blogs and making money.

As to the comment regarding the amount of money issue....we have three contibuters to this blog (which is confusing I know) and all of us are at different levels, using different blogs, but I assure you that you can make good money with niche blogs. We will not be posting our Adsense earnings anymore, so you can speculate either way on what these blogs make.

I wish you all the very best in all your Internet projects. I won't be posting to links to all my niche blogs because I learned my lesson on that one. I've done that before (and so have some of my successful peers) and we soon have hundreds of new sites and blogs competing for the SAME keywords. We're trying to be helpful with free info and that is it. Use it or don't.



buddharocket said...

Bullshit? Hahahaha. That's great. Hey 'anonymous' , why don't you tie a rope around your computer...the other end to your nuts..and go for a swim. I am LIVING proof that blogging works. For instance, I have a 5-day-old blog that has already made $1.80 today! That may not sound like alot of money to a guy as smart as you...but keep in mind...I have 140 blogs. 'Anonymous' , please tell all of your friends, family and parole officers that blogging DOES NOT WORK...that way...I can get richer, faster. Moron.

Steve said...

Thumbs UP buddarocket