Monday, June 12, 2006

Optimizing Your Adsense Blog Content

I believe one of the reasons my niche Adsense blogs receive solid traffic is due to word variety and keyword variety. We have all heard that we need keyword rich pages if we want get some traffic, but I personally believe you need "word variety" as well.

Keyword Variety
Keyword variety is critical of course, and this is how I attain it on all my blog pages. Whenever I write another post on a niche blog, I take a close look at 5-8 other sites, and look at all the keywords they are using. I simply do a search in Google for the product or topic. I look at winning sites from the first two pages of results. I take note of all the different words, terms, and phrases they are using when talking about the product or topic. Then I write my post using as many of those keywords as possible. That covers the need for keyword rich content, or as I call it, "Keyword Variety"

Word Variety
Word Variety (as I have coined the phrase) is something different all together. This was just a hunch I had a year ago, but now that I've tested this hunch, I believe it to be true. All the niche blogs I tested this with have gained more traffic, so I recommend you try this. It's easy to do.

While you are writing your keyword rich content, and keyword varied content, keep an online thesaurus handy open in a separate browser. Try to use adjectives and nouns that are not the norm with all your competitor sites. For example: instead of writing - "This diamond ring has a brilliant look....." - replace the word "brilliant" with "scintillating", and replace the word "look" with "sheen"

What this does is separate your content from all the other web pages using all the same words to describe products and topics.

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