Saturday, June 10, 2006

Optimizing Your Adsense Blog For Search

Today I just want to mention a quick tip for niche blogging. What I have found through testing is that most of these niche blogs will do quite well in MSN and Yahoo! search. Not as well in Google as there is usually many more competing pages. My tests have shown that having all your posts on the main is not as effective as having only 2-3 medium sized posts.

To set the main page of your niche blog for Yahoo! and MSN traffic, I recommend changing your blog's setting for 2-3 posts and leave all other posts as "recent posts" in your sidebar, and of course archives.

To do this;

Select your blog's "Settings" tab.
Select the "Formatting" tab.
In the "Show" category select the drop down choice to "Posts"
Select the number to 2 or 3, depending on the size of your posts.

What this does is ensure you don't load up to much content on the home page of your blog, making it come across similar to a static site, with a menu of links to more information on the niche topic. This works well for your MSN and Yahoo! search engine rankings.

If you plan to have only a few niche blogs, then you likely have time to add many posts over time, in which case you could see great results in Google searches as well. I would suggest just having 2-3 posts on the main page and at least 5 posts in the recent posts area, and let it sit for awhile.

Important Tip:

Make sure the 2-3 posts that reside on the main page (most recent of course) are filled with content and information regarding the main keyword of your niche - this way the search engines (and people) will find your niche blog to be worthy of traffic.

I hope you apply these tips and all the best.

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