Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Adsense Earning Page Removed

One of our contributors has requested that all his Adsense report pictures be removed from the Money Traffic blog. He believes that the Google TOS (terms of service) will soon change, and that displaying screen shots such as these will not be allowed.

I also favor removing all Adsense earnings pages because so many visitors dwell way too much on what others are earning, instead of getting down to work. I know that many beginners simply feel a sense of frustration when seeing sizable earnings made by other publishers.



Voasi said...

I'd really have to disagree with the last statement. I can completely undertand if you and your contributor think that Adsense TOS isn't going to approve such images (which, currently, they do), but to say "visitors dwell way too much" is a bit much.

Such pictures motivate me and get me going. I would think beginners feel the same passion to get up off their ass and start making some money! :)

Kenny said...

Yes, for positive individuals seeing Adsense earnings reports can be greatly inspiring. You would be surprised at how many emails we get from people who are actually angry. They don't believe the reports to be real, so we fixed that.

I believe that those people with a positive attitude will work hard and trust that when we say....

"There is good money to be made using Blogger and Adsense"

....we're telling the truth, and they will take the action required to at least try and create their first money making blog. The negative people will simply scuffle away and never try. It's very sad that negativity has such a grasp on so many decent people. I hope that our blog Money Traffic will inspire people to change their lives. Like I said before, this site makes VERY little money, so any time we put into this blog is for the fun of it.

So it's up to the indvidual to undertsand the power of the Internet, and take action.

Voasi said...

Kenny -

I hear ya dude. I run Voasi.com just for the fun of it, makes me absolutely zero, but its still fun to get in touch with people and get responses/comments on their lives and help out a little.

That's so funny that you actually get angry emails. I'll never understand people like that. I mean, why not believe it. I don't see any ebooks being sold here. No "squeeze page" either for the info. I don't even see any adsense on here. That's just too about the angry emails, haha. :)