Sunday, June 25, 2006

Defining Quality Content

I was reading a semi-interesting article on content and how to define quality content. Since I have mentioned quality content so many times on this blog, I would like to share this little read with you.

See Aaron Wall's article on quality content to get his take on it. Here is his summary on quality content:

Aaron Walls Quality Content Summary

Each page you write is one more you need to maintain.
Large sitescan be a burden to keep current.
Speaking too much is just as bad as not giving enough info.
You can type until your neighbors fingertips are blue and bloody and it will not matter until people syndicate your ideas.
People will not usually want to syndicate your content until you establish a reputation.
It is far easier to syndicate ideas than content.
The quality which makes quality content valuable is syndication.

No that you've read it, I want to say that I disagree. Quality content is content that PEOPLE value on their quest to find information. Whether the search engines like it, or a web site owner likes it enough to link to it, it not my definition of quality.

In short, and in my opinion, quality content is defined by the readers ability to gain the knowledge they need to solve a problem for them. Whether their problem is solved by purchasing Wrinkle Cream, or their problem is solved by finding the Weather forcast, or currency exchange. As Google's webmaster guidelines states......write pages that help visitors.

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