Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Sacred Q's For Adsense Income

One of the questions I'm often asked is, "is how can you possibly make so much money from just using a Blogger account and Adsense." Well the answer is quality and quantity.

By keeping my focus on creating quality content (meaning helpful and accurate content) for my visitors, I attract on-topic Google ads to my blog pages, and my visitors are extremely targeted. Also, with extremely targeted and hungry consumers visiting my blogs, they are more inclined to click on a relevant Google ad.

By sticking to a schedule, I create a ridiculous number of Blogger blogs. These blogs may only have 6-10 pages of content, so I can create hundreds, and some day thousands. Since my content is fresh, original, and on-topic (as mentioned above), the traffic to my blogs is huge. Each blog trickles in money everyday, and some niche blogs pour in money. The overall total of income created each day ads up to serious income. My sites are not using robbed content, my posts are helpful to visitors and shoppers, so my sites are not at risk for being removed from the search engine indexes. I don't stray off to gimmicky offers that claim to make me a millionaire over night using Adsense. I don't bother with phoney baloney scripts that create Adsense sites in the hundreds with just one click. I don't use "Adsense Ready" sites because the code behind those sites is recognized for what it is. People just starting out on the internet often think that online income is easy income. Far from the truth. If you really want to succeed online, then listen to my good advice, and learn to write your own, original content.

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Ignatius said...

I've got an adsense account for my site can I use the same account for blogs I would like to set up?