Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blogger & Adsense - Step 4

We left off last installment with a newly created blog @ http://diabeticsocks.blogspot.com. You'll notice when you go to this blog, there is now some content displayed on the main page. What I did was simply search with Google and find three good resources that were on-topic, and read up on the subject. After I had read and understood the material, I wrote in my own words a brief summary regarding the product. Do not just copy/paste material from another web site, no matter how tempted you are to do it. That is called theft and will not do you any good either. You may lose your Blogger account, get a nasty letter from a lawyer, and for certain the search engines will notice this eventually and drop your blog from their indexes.

You will also notice that I created a link in the text that takes visitors to a web site that sells the product. I do this so that my blog is actually helping visitors find what they are looking for. Many Adsense experts may say that I should not do that, as I would lose clicking traffic away from my blog and not to the Adsense ads. I don't agree. I think it's only right that my blogs help real people find what they need. I will still get random clicks from shoppers legitimately looking for the product. I'm happy, Google is happy, the Adwords advertiser is happy, and the customer is happy. This is the way Google's Adsense and Adwords systems are supposed to work.

So what ever niche topic you have decided to create your blog on, be sure to follow the above method of using fresh, real, and original content.

I know you are anxious to display your Google Ads on your site, but wait until the next installment where I show you how to apply and be excepted for the Adsense program. It's important to post some quality content first, before applying Adsense to the blog. I'll explain this later.

When you are finished using my free tutorial check out Rob's ebook, which takes you much further. My short tutorial is for beginners, while Blogging to the bank is the authority on how to use your Blogger account to make money.

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