Monday, February 26, 2007

The Importance of Blog Leverage

The importance of a good blog can never under-stated in if you are in the business of making a living from Internet traffic. I suggest to all of those in that category to build a Wordpress blog and grow it up with fresh, quality content. When I say quality I mean spelling and grammer as well. It's no secret the the search engines see spelling and grammer when they spider in depth to learn about your online pages.

As you grow a quality blog, your Internet real estate becomes highly respected by the search engines and now you have some Internet leverage. Then you can introduce the web to your new sites and projects simply by creating a link from your high ranking blog to you new entity. Your "new entity" does not have to be an extremely powerful or "high quality" site to get the spider attention you desire.

This system work quite well so if you don't have Wordpress blog going yet, get going and start building one. Make the subject matter of the blog fairly general so that when you link to othere sites in the future, there will be some kind of relative subject matter. Also DON'T LINK BACK to your precious blog from your new sites. That is considered "cross linking" by some of the search engines and will get your domains banned. As long as you only link ONE-WAY to your sites and the sites are related to your blog there is no problem.


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