Friday, February 09, 2007

How Much Money Can An Adsense Niche Site Make?

When new-comers start trying to make money with Adsense niche sites they usually ask themselves one big question. HOW MUCH money do these sites make?

That depends on the category of the site, the nature of the content, the amount of content, originality of the content, and overall word count.

1) If the site is all about Insurance it will make more per click than a site all about tiddly winks.

2) If the content is completely original it will get more traffic and of course make more money.

3) If the site has more content it will usually make more money, as long as the article pages are not in a highly-competitive area.

4) If your site has a high overall word count then it will beat out more competition. The search alogs count how many different words are used throughout your site. This IS very important so try to use allot of different words through out your site.

Linking of course goes without saying......get lots of on-topic links inbound.


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