Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kubota Lawn Tractor Links

Kubota have had the compact range of equipment sewn up for years now with many a new kid on the block trying to steal a march.

There are a number of products that maybe, just maybe, are gaining traction but for me Kubota are still the number one.

I purchased the three cylinder, diesel Kubota B7001 compact second hand and I have to say, just like the ones we hired in, it does everything it says on the tin.

I have just rotovated an area of ground that has been used as a infill for a while so it had it's fair share of stone, brick, some plastic and wood yet the Kubota handled it with ease.

Not only did it rotovate in low third gear without power loss but it managed to deal with a very steep incline (as seen in the picture), although I did have to use the four wheel drive and differential lock to keep good traction.

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Whilst the tractor unit itself is no where near new - I bought it from a local dealer but it has been imported from China - it is excellent condition and (touch wood) has several good years life left in it.

On the back I have an Agric ALJ35 98cm wide rotovator which makes easy work of the firm soil and chops it up finely.

A little note of interest if you are planning to hire in a tractor/rotovator combination to prepare a new lawn, clean up a vegetable patch or prepare some newly levelled top soil.

Use low first gear to chop up the ground. This will help to create a workable top to start with. After you have prepared the top surface, changed to third low gear. The extra speed will allow the unit to act like a leveller-grading machine.

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