Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adsense Lessons Update

So another session with Charles today. He will be
creating a keyword list for tomorrow so we can
build his first mini-site. His first mini-site is going
to be about Harley Davidson parts.

Going very smooth so far. He has all the software
installed on his machine now, so there rest is me
teaching him step by step how to use it. He should
be finished the lessons and on his own by next
week some time. The rest is up to him as far as
how much he works at it. All I can do is give him the
same methods I use and the same software I use.

He will have to be patient and understand that this is
all about collecting a whole bunch of pennies and nickels.
His income will slowly grow each month. After his first
month he should be making about 100 a month and so on.
It takes years to slowly build up the amount of pennies
you make a day until you are making 4-6 thousand a

I am teaching him how to make money without paying for
any traffic. It's a slower process but if he succeeds, his
credit rating can be totally in the crapper and it won't matter
the slightest as far as keeping his income growing.

I did the numbers on our business and we are set to earn
a net pay of 12,000 USD in April. This is after all costs have
been subtracted from earnings.

Gotta run and get some food, shower, etc.

Love Kenny

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