Monday, December 04, 2006

Unsecured Business Capital Advances

I was asked by a good blogging friend (Terry Zulit) to do some research on unsecured business capital advances. This is of interest to me as well, as I know many self employed people that have opted to get one of these investment companies involved when the banks would not help with the growth of their companies.

As mentioned in Terry's post, I used the following sticking points when phoning and unwilling capital advance companies....they must:
  • have no application fees
  • have no hidden fees
  • have no closing costs
  • don't look at your financial statements
  • don't ask to see your tax returns
  • don't have fixed payments
  • don't do personal or business credit checks
  • must judge a company from it's future business plans
  • must approve within 48 hours, and deposit funds within 10 business days
  • must lend between $2000 and $250,000 US dollars
  • must have a solid track record of providing unsecured capital to viable businesses
  • must have personable customer service
  • must be based in the United States

I spent most of my time on the phone, as the Internet never really gets you to the fine details of products and services. You really need to talk to representatives so you can get the full gist of their products and services.

My recommendation is.......drum roll please......the World Of Financing who have an online form that's easy to fill out and results in a phone call from a representative within one business day. Their representative company provides cash advances within all of the criteria Terry mentioned and I listed above. They provide capital advances of $2000 to $250,000.

You can see the page that has the online application form here. The form takes about 30 seconds to fill out and you will be in touch with a capital advance representative within 24 business hours. They don't charge sicko interest and they don't try and tell you what do to with your capital. I had a long talk with a few of their representatives and their customer service people where exemplary.

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