Friday, August 03, 2007

Wedding From Hell

You have to read this!

My sister had to have champagne colored bridesmaid dresses for her wedding (this past July 2006). She was adamant about the exact color, style, and price of the dresses.

She, and her husband Robert, spent a ton of money on this wedding – the the tune of 35 grand. Ouch! 

Not only did the bridesmaids have to be wearing the champagne colored dresses, but she insisted on wearing a tea length wedding dress.

So Here is The Wedding Nightmare

The wedding took place in the back yard of a 4 acre lot outside of Chicago. It was all there and in place. Preacher had arrived and we were all taking or respective seats on the sides of the aisle.

The music started and my Dad was just starting walk my sister down the aisle – she was absolutley georgous in her dress, and the bridesmaid dress choice she made was stunning too. They all looked fantastic.

Out the blue, all three of my Mom’s golden retrievers (two of which were puppies, who were supposedly locked in the pool area….which was half dirt because of the reno work) covered in mud bolted past the minister, and through the wedding party.

All three of the dogs went straight for the bridesmaids in their champagne dresses. They jumped up on all three of them, destroying the dresses with mud, and claw snags. People were laughing. People were gasping. People were crying. Shrieks were heard in the wedding party.

When the goldens were shoed away from the bridesmaids, they bolted straight down the aisle toward my Dad and my Sister, who was in tears by now. My Dad, and both sides of the aisle, jumped out to stop the dogs from further destrying the bride. Didn’t work…

One of the puppies made it through the maze of panicked wedding guests, and leaped on my sister (who is 5’2” and one hundred pounds), and knocked her to the ground. The groom finally made to his bride-to-be and the guests had pulled the excited retriever off her. Too late.

She was covered in mud, dirt, and saliva. The wedding was destroyed and her tea length wedding dress was a shambles. HORRIBLE!

The wedding went on anyway, but the bridesmaid dresses, and the bride’s dress were covered in mud still.      

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