Friday, December 21, 2007

Oz Blog Network On Time For Launch

I'm happy to announce the Oz Blog Network is going to be on time for launch this coming January 1st, 2008. It's been long process of getting all Wordpress modules (plugins) customized for autoblogging. The rewriter is working seamlessly as well, so new bloggers can run the in-house installed Wp-O-Matic and the rewriter all in one shot.

This solves allot of problems for bloggers trying to get their autoblogs working properly. We've even installed a link killer that wipes out outbound links after a day or two. This stops the site from being a "bad link" mess. is using all of the new Wordpress MU advantages and disdvantages to full explotation. Some would say that this is just a home for sploggers, but we're removing feeds from the site whenever asked not to, and we ask for full permission from users before they launch a new feed.

Well.....onward and upward. You can get your own autoblog with built in rewriter running in seconds by signing up here.

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