Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Posted On Zulit as Terry Begins Daily Earnings Reports

This is the first post on Zulit’s blog regarding his daily Internet income.

This started off as a slow day, with only a gross income of
$150 total at 2:00PM Mountain time. Sometimes the commission reports are slow depending on the day.

This was a Tuesday, and generally a busy day online. This Tuesday would come in as a so-so day. Keep in mind that June 12th is a transitional day for my vectors (markets), and we are on the down-slope to the slower season now. By August we will lower considerably, and we will hit the year’s rock bottom for net income early September.

This day gets a thumbs up because of the high affiliate commission level. This is not the norm. Usually much less than this for my business.

Total Contexual Advertising Income = $361.23 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions - Leads and Sales = $187.71 USD
Total Income = $548.94 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $194.09 USD

Total Net Income June 12th/2007 = 354.85

Adsense Video From Regualr Guy

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