Friday, June 15, 2007

Zulit Posting Earnings Series

Found this interesting post over at Zulit. Terry is posting all his profit and loss graphs, and reports. His earnings are 100% online, so it’s inspiring to see these results. He’s been at this for over 3 years now. See the Zulit earnings series here.   


This is a simple earnings graph for 2007. This is total average income, total average costs, and total average net profit. The spread sheets this came from have a ton of variables, but this one is a simple graphic on the overall numbers.

Next I’ll try some of the 3D and pie graphs to see which ones show better.

Next posted earnings graphs will be in more detail as to the source of the income, and costs. For the purpose of this series on a Wordpress blog, and this particular theme choice, I need to start using a different configuration.

Notice on the month of May (#5 at the bottom of the graph), I cut it off, because there is of course no numbers yet to display, and the graph takes a nose dive. Net income seems to be floating around the $7000 mark.

I’ll be starting some new sites and campaigns this summer, which will hopefully send these lines in a northern direction.

Average Costs – Average Gross  – Average Net

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