Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pro Travel Network - Become a Travel Agent

Found another Zulit post of interest. All of us who make a full time living online, eventually end up traveling allot. As long as we have high-speed Internet wherever we go, it’s all good. The only problem is the expense.

Well Terry found a great way to write-off all his travel expenses in a legit fashion. He signed up with Pro Travel Network, and became a travel agent. Done. All travel expenses written off, a new MLM income stream ta boot.

Here is the post with links:

So I’ve been looking for a way to legitimately write-off all our travel. Don’t want the tax-man knocking on my door you know. I was looking into becoming a travel agent a year ago, but gave up on it, as getting the course, and such, was a pain and expense I didn’t want.

As luck has it, I met one of the go-getters of Pro Travel Network a couple of weeks ago. (Anil) So I signed up in order to promote the travel network, and also become a travel agent.

The beautiful thing is the MLM side of PTN. Right up my alley as an Internet marketer. I’m doing a review of Pro Travel Network today, so I’ll be sure to post a link to the review on this post later.

– Kenny

Pro Travel Network Introduction Video

Click here to sign up NOW and become an a Pro Travel Network Agent


Sheena Williamson said...


I used to be an agent with pro travel, but I found YTB to be a much better fit and YTB offers more than just travel they do leisure as well. Check it out and let me know what you think!
It only cost me $50 to switch over to YTB.



Matthew said...

I'm with Sheena. YTB Travel Network has been around a little more and have incredible training and support.

Also, any company that tries to bash a handful of companies to make theirs "seem" better has a lot of self identification to do.

Creative minds always work better than competitive ones... which is why Pro Travel is digging their own grave at this point.

Anonymous said...

YTB is not message is blocked, whats that tell you?