Sunday, May 15, 2011

Payday Cash Advance Loans in Calgary Alberta Canada

As usual I have been scanning the Internet for the payday loan company market and I have been listing our own network of payday loan sites and lenders. We promote many different resources for getting all kinds of lending instruments and today we are including for the first time a list of payday loan resources for the City of Calgary. Calgary is a Canadian city located in southern Alberta which is about two hours above the Canadian-US border into Montana. (just in case you didn't know that already).

So these cash advance PDL loans for Calgary are included because they are directly related to this lending market in Alberta. One of our sites is a blog that informs Albertans in regards to their right and the laws pertaining to payday lending in Canada. There isn't nearly as much regulation on short-term high interest lending in Canada as you might think. I've read some places online that say there are more restriction for PDL lenders in Canada than the United States, but other places state the opposite. Feel free to make a comment on this discussion any time below - we don't bite.

So here is the first list payday loan providers in Calgary;

Now there are more to post, but that is a good start. One of the things that I have noticed in Canada is that most of the payday lenders can't charge more that around $25 dollars for every one hundred they lend out. In some Provinces it's more or less depending, but there are some APR limits that these lenders have to adhere to - if they don't follow the rules and laws they will end up losing their license and they will be out of the business with no reinstatement.

So here is another batch of pages that are involved with payday lending Alberta. This are also for Calgary (Canada) exclusively;—Applicant-s-Request/235974—Applicant-Application/627161—Borrower-Request/423102

So as usual we want to warn all Canadians in all Provinces to be careful when they go out there and start using PDL companies - they charge crazy rates, and you NEVER want to extent your pay back time with them because then the APR gets totally nuts - way more hassle then what they are worth.

We'll see you next time for more on Canadian lending products. Have a great week. Finally summer is here and I am so happy we can get out and go for a walk and not freeze.

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