Sunday, May 22, 2011

Payday Loan Toronto 1500 for Mountain Bike

I'm looking for a payday loan for 1500 so I can get a bicycle for biking in trails. A group of my friend are heading up to a lake in Ontario for a trip and we are going to be riding trails and all sorts of wild places. I'm fairly experienced with riding and just need a new bike so I can keep up with the rest of the guys and gals.

I don't really have time to go and get down to my bank branch to see if I can increase an overdraft or something. I don't have any other methods of getting a loan like from somebody in my family or a friend or anything. I can't get along with my company off my paycheck either so I really have to get a payday loan approved sometimes today. The thing is is that I don't have much time to get this all done before we go on this trip.

So I am looking around to see if I can find any payday loan lenders in Ontario that will lend me $1500 by tomorrow afternoon. If you know of any, go ahead and let me know. Also, if you have any experience with getting these kinds of loans go ahead and make a comment below and tell me all about your experiences with these kind of short-term lenders. I would prefer if you were also living in the province of Ontario so that so that the same rules and laws apply.

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