Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Money Traffic Starting To Gain Ground

Money Traffic is a very new blog, only housing 27 posts to date. A mere nothing as far as blogging goes. We've talked alot on this blog about ratios. Ratios as far as competing pages for particular keywords in comparison to how many people search a particular keyword. (see step one of the tutorial)

I noticed today that Money Traffic is now on the bottom of page two in Google for the keyword search, blogspot adsense. You can go to Google and try it - keeping in mind that depending on where you are and the latest updates, the listing positions may be different for your experience. You'll notice that the site above Money Traffic is Darren's Problogger.net. (If you have never surfed through Darren's site I highly recommend it.) You might take notice of his PR7 page rank as well.

Now.....competing pages for the keyword blogspot adsense is as follows:

Results 11 - 20 of about 1,620,000 for blogspot adsense

So not bad for a brand new blog with only 27 posts on it. I'm not writing a "boast post" here folks. I'm trying to give all new-comers some hope that their niche blogs will begin getting traffic and making money.

Remember that when you build your niche blogs using my tutorial, you are looking for competing pages much lower than 1.6 million as shown in the example above.

So keep building your niche blogs and keep adding periodic posts to all of them, and you will certainly receive traffic, and in turn, receive Adsense earnings.



Affiliates R Us said...

money-traffic.blogspot.com/2006/ 06/blogger-adsense-guide-finished.html this is the link that appears on page two as of this week well done on getting ranked this well on Google though !!

Kenny said...

Thanks. This is good news for all netrepreneurs using blogger and Adsense. If you can rank with only 27 posts on a highly competitive keyword, then the niche sites should kick.


Glen said...


You are now on page one for the keyword blogspot adsense, congrats.

- Glen