Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Understanding eCPM

Since I have started blogging with blogger.com, I have noticed some things about Page eCPM...and I THINK I finally get it....kind-of.

I noticed that when I am working on my own blogs...posting...then vieweing...the posting etc...Google counts each time I visit my own page as a PAGE IMPRESSION. This can get a little confusing because I am never sure if those are MY page hits, or someone else coming to look at my blog.

The page eCPM counts ONLY those viewers that have done a search for your site. I can visit my own blog 1000 times/day...and I WILL NOT see ANY page eCPM. Once a 'real' viewer comes to your blog (by doing a search for it) Google will show an eCPM number.

Am I right about this? Has anyone else noticed that?



Kenny said...

Yeah, I see the same with my accounts and don't know what it really means.

I notice that if I have alot of traffic no clicks I'll still see a few pennies in the earning column.

Is'nt that veird....(Goldmember)

raj said...

Almost, but not quite. Here's Google's explanation: https://www.google.com/adsense/glossary#ecpm

eCPM refers to the amount of money you would have earned, pro-rated, for a 1000 impressions.

So if someone visits your site/ channel once and clicks on an ad, giving you, say, $1.00, your eCPM would be $1000.00. But if you then visited your own site 999 times, the CPM at the end of that would be $1.00 because that's all you earned for the channel for those 1000 impressions.

As for having money show in the earnings column without any clicks, that's payment for CPM (Cost Per M, M=1000) ads. Some advertisers have selected to advertise on your site on a pro-rated per thousand basis

rxbbx said...

I agree with raj.. the glossary is very helpfull to get an explanation for the terms used.

They now improved it a bit..

It's a pity that if you post yourself or work at your blog your % will decrease.

I know there's some little piece of code which can be used to not display the ads when you are at your own site. I did not use it, but it's possible.