Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pet Peeve In Affiliate Marketing

For all new comers to the world of Internet income, I want to relate my experience with some merchants in the affiliate marketing business.

All ebooks and so-called gurus will tell you how easy it is to create websites and simply throw up links with your affiliate code embedded and create great residual wealth. What they don't tell you is that there are some real snags that you will run into. Below I list them off for you. You will understand why Google Adsense, YPN, and Kontera are much better options for "monetizing" your web site.

1.) Often merchants change their a program and render your affliate code obsolete (meaning you don't get paid any longer for your traffic until you change your affiliate code. If you have many many sites you will find this will cause you to lose commission right and left.

2.) Sometimes merchants don't pay on time. (Adsense and YPN do pay on time)

3.) Once and awhile merchants decide not to pay you. This is rare, but it does happen. (Adsense and YPN have never stiffed me)

4.) Many merchants have minimum payout threshold which can fail you in this way; often you run a test by promoting a merchant and find out they convert BADLY. So you withdrawal from promoting them and of course you don't reach their payment threshold and the money you've earned is never sent to you.

5.) Many affiliate programs (and I mean MANY) have terrible tracking. Their servers are not updated properly, and they can be slow to credit you for your earning. (Adsense and YPN are updated through frequently, so you can watch earning come through)

These are just some of the problems with affiliate programs. There are many more that I don't feel like whining about right now. I'll maybe list those off later in another post.

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