Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When Will I Learn`- Debts & Holidays

It's that time of year again when everyone is caught up in trying pay down their debts from Xmas time. It's been the same pattern since the dawn of the industrial revolution, that consumers in America are paying down debt from the holiday seasond.

Not only are we all (yes....think I'm talking to myself here more than anything) paying down credit card debt, line of credit debt, and bank account overdrafts - we're also trying to pull some pennies and dollars together for the IRS (or whatever tax department your country has). This combination is deadly if you are not earning alot of some good bucks via wages or self-employment.

I think we should all switch over to the infamous "Festivus" celebration as made popular on the Seinfeld show. Festivus was orginally invented by Dan O'Keefe and his son made it popular on the Seinfeld show. The basic idea is that you make Christmas cheap by only erecting a silver pole instead of a Christmas tree. You don't exchange many gifts (if any) and we "sit around the table and tell each other how much we dissapointed each other all year long" Funny but people do this now since the airing the Seinfeld's "The Strike" episode.

If was'nt for the kiddies I would like to celebrate Festivus and make it easy on the wallet and easy on the sweat glands - not to mention the stress nerves that get strung during the silly season.

Yep....got a whack of debt to pay down and as usual, we'll squeeze by.......next year will be different. Yeh...right!

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